Ed Caesar (contributing staff writer to The New Yorker)

Phil had half a day to prepare me for a two-day solo hike in the Atlas mountains Morocco. He did so brilliantly–teaching me the rudiments of creating a shelter, making fire, orienteering, and making myself safe, in such a clear way that I couldn’t possibly forget. As a result, I had the most wonderful adventure. Phil is a deeply reassuring presence. He listens carefully, he understands your capabilities, he never speaks down to you, despite his wealth of experience. He’s brilliant fun, and you could trust him with your life.

The New Luxury Vacation: Being Dumped in the Middle of Nowhere https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/11/29/the-new-luxury-vacation-being-dumped-in-the-middle-of-nowhere


Esther Spengler (Adventurer)


Phil is about as bad a dude as they come. If you can imagine it – he’s probably “been there done that”. His life so far could make one epic Hollywood film, but he wouldn’t want it that way. Humble, unassuming, reserved but kind, are some characteristics that come to mind He genuinely wants to develop those who are hungry to learn, and could easily fill the ever-elusive mentor figure that so many people (including myself) have spent their lives searching for.

Phil has the uncanny ability to draw people out of their comfort zones without being intrusive. He seems to understand the deep things inside of a person, the things others would overlook or brush aside, and I often felt like he knew me better than I knew myself. At the same time, he understands that some things you just have to work out on your own.

Phil gave me the space to do that while providing the necessary knowledge, skills, and security needed to navigate my personal journey. I had the privilege of being his first solo female adventurer, and never expected how much it would mean to me to earn the pride and friendship of such an exceptional individual.

Whether you are looking to up-skill your survival knowledge, get off the grid to clear your mind, or simply have one hell of an adventure, I couldn’t recommend Phil and his team highly enough. Get ready to dig deep and have an experience better than you could ever imagine.




Julie Ralund (Producer “The island” DK Metronome)

Phil has been our survival instructor and an integral part of the safety team for the Danish TV programme “ The Island”.

He and the team was responsible for delivering the survival training prior to the Danish cast being inserted and left to survive for 30 days on an uninhabited tropical island in the Pacific Ocean.

Once the cast were inserted onto the Island, Phil and the safety team were on 24/7 rapid response standby to ensure that any unexpected situations could be dealt with quickly and safely.

Phil’s survival and safety knowledge acquired whilst serving for specialist organisations within the Royal Marines and his continuing Jungle exploration with clients made him a valued member of the safety team.

His ability, competence and dynamic approach combined with his modest manner made him a great asset to our production team. We would certainly use Phil in future productions and can’t recommend him highly enough.

Karen Snee:  High Atlas Mountain Challenge (elite:Challenge)

I’ve recently returned from a brilliant 4 day adventure in Morocco with Epic Adventures. It was everything I expected, wanted and more. We crammed lots of activity into a short space of time – from lighting fires to mountain biking to experiencing the local culture. I was happy to book the trip on my own and just see who else turned up but I didn’t expect to be the only female! Having said  that they were a good bunch and I was neither patronised nor excluded. Phil Asher (Epic adventures) was perfect in his role – he misses nothing and is tuned into how everyone is feeling i.e. Offering words of encouragement when needed, advising on best technique, celebrating when you’ve conquered a challenge etc.  As well as all that he is very organised and I had absolute faith in the safety of everything we did which included spending the night outside under tarpaulin – I never once thought about my safety and that was because of the confidence I had in Phil.   So my message is just go for it – whatever your gender!!!


 Family (survival Adventure)

We’ve just returned from a family survival adventure in beautiful Northumberland. The whole family had a great time and we certainly learned a lot – from how to put up a hammock (and sleep in it!), to lighting and transporting fires, as well as knot tying and traversing a river. It’s amazing what Phil managed to fit into just a couple of days – as well as cooking great food on open fires – keeping our boys’ enormous appetites truly satisfied! We wanted an opportunity to do something different, as a family and “to get away from it all” and this certainly ticked all the boxes. Phil’s huge experience was evident and he was really keen to ensure we got the very most out of our days away. From planning the trip, right through to packing up, his attention to detail and enthusiasm ensured we were able to enjoy a really special time together. And we’ve just received a video of our adventure too…. Thanks very much Phil! Until the next time…..


Dave Routledge: Director and Business Angel Investor (International Adventures)

“Phil Asher has delivered some of the most unforgettable adventure experiences for me personally, my staff, key customers and supply chain partners. I have commissioned him to take multiple groups on adventures to Tanzania, Kenya, Nepal, Norway, Morocco, Iceland, India, Brazil and the UK.

In the arctic, jungle, desert or in cities, Phil’s unique blend of special forces and corporate risk management experience, create clarity and confidence for participants and corporate commissioning directors alike. Whether for a personal/family experience or a corporate event, Phil is keen to understand and surpass the adventurer’s objectives.

Phil is also a phenomenal photographer and videographer and has the technical skills to produce the most powerful, unique and engaging digital media from these adventures.

I have only ever received exemplary feedback from every adventure and training event Phil has led.

His personal skills and style are engaging and truly inspirational. I have already and would always, trust him with my life. I unreservedly recommend him to create design, and deliver truly exceptional adventure experiences, “


Jonathan Ford: CEO and co-founder Pearlfisher (Kilimanjaro Adventure)

“A group of us climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Haller – an African charity – in September 2017 on a trip organized and led by Phil. Every step of the way from airport, transfers, 6 day epic climb and back, Phil had our adventure covered from every angle. Despite it being one of the most arduous, exciting and dramatic things I’ve done, it was also one of the most enjoyable, and knowing Phil had the experience to deal with any eventuality made it all the more so”.



Charlie Shepherd:  (Founder Epic Morocco)

I have been working with Phil Asher for several years on adventure travel product creation, risk assessment and management of in-country adventure groups in Morocco. His breadth of knowledge acquired in his years of service in the Royal Marines is unrivalled in the travel industry, and what he brings to conception and logistics for adventure travel groups is of the highest value.  Phil’s down-to-earth, practical, “belt and braces” approach and his modest manner make him a great asset to anyone involved in the planning of an epic adventure.

James Ketchell: Serial Adventurer (Amazon Jungle  Adventure)

“I was lucky enough to spend two weeks working with Phil Asher in the Amazon Jungle. Phil was my guide and safety advisor and I can honestly say was exceptional. I have worked with many people all over the world in remote, extreme conditions and Phil’s professionalism was remarkable. His command on the environment and knowledge that he was willing to share with our team was hugely invaluable. Having spent a distinguished 28 years in the Royal Marines, Phil is now one of the best placed guides and safety advisors in the world! If you’re looking for a bespoke expedition or on location safety management, I would suggest looking no further than Phil Asher”.

Alan Hinkes OBE: Professional Mountaineer

I have been working with Phil Asher for many years as a Mountain Leader in the Royal Marines in extreme cold weather environments. Phil is a dynamic individual who thrives in any hostile environment, whether it be jungle, desert or the frozen mountains, a force multiplier and enabler, allowing you to feel secure and more at home in your chosen surroundings. Phil’s pre-planning and constant dynamic risk assessment ensure that you are in safe hands. Phil has always been at the cutting edge of technology and uses the latest equipment to his advantage to ensure your adventure is safe and media is captured for your reflection. I would have no hesitation recommending Phil to take you into any environment on this planet.

Sir Michael Bibby: MD Bibby Line Group (Private Kilimanjaro Adventure)

“Phil not only  took amazing photographs to record our whole climb of Kilimanjaro but provided a high quality service with new tents, the best experienced guides and excellent food and hospitality for the whole trip. He was not only a joy to travel with but was particularly careful to ensure our safety and security throughout the journey with a detailed understanding of the local terrain, culture and social issues”

Steve Brown: (Norway Adventure)

I have very rarely in my life came across a person who you could (and we did) put your lives in his hands. Phil has decades of experience training special forces soldiers in arctic survival. His vast experience and skill gave us great comfort in a potentially hostile environment. He gave us wide latitude in our daily self-management and movements. We believed in him to take us safely to our camp day after day . Pushing us to discover new skills and experiences, Phil always found the perfect balance between challenge and support.
This spontaneous adventure was a life changing experience for me, learning and being taught new things every day, it opened my eyes to what I could achieve with the right people around me and fostered a lifelong sense of adventure.

It was and still is a privilege to have met and worked along side Phil Asher. I recommend his adventure services without hesitation. Sign up for the experience of a lifetime.

Colin Hughes: Owner 53BC (Morocco Sahara Adventure)

I went on a bespoke 4×4 trip to the Moroccan Desert, from the moment I arrived in country and was picked up to the airport I could tell it was a well organized trip.  The accommodation ranged from luxurious hotel to traditional desert tent to roof tent when camping in the middle of the desert.  Phil had reconnoitered the area prior to the trip to scout out landmarks and area that are well off the beaten tracks and to ensure that all risks were managed or mitigated by planning, policy, communication and redundancy in key equipment and supplies.  I was allowed to do a large portion of the off road driving which I totally enjoyed with Phil giving instruction on the appropriate techniques on driving in the sand.  The freedom of driving in the desert is quite something and totally different to the defined tracks and green lanes of Europe.  I would totally recommend this trip and I look forward to planning another trip with Phil later on next year.

Trevor Lincoln:  Director, The Employee Engagement People Ltd (Corporate Learning and Development)

I have been involved in a number of projects with Phil in Tanzania, Morocco and Norway and have been impressed by his highly professional approach on every occasion. Phil has the ability to weigh up and mitigate risk (personal and Corporate) and create experiences which are life changing for participants. He has a calm, reassuring encouraging manner and I have personally experienced and observed others successfully take on challenges they might otherwise have believed impossible. Through his international programmes, Phil has assisted me in creating learning experiences for groups, some simply helping participants understand and quantify their personal growth others taking leaders through a structured learning programme linked to well known leadership models.  Finally, there are many organisations out there offering “adventure experiences” – I believe that they would be hard very pushed to match high Phil’s professional standards.

Ros Irving: Divisional Director at Euromoney Institutional Investor, CEO (Kilimanjaro Adventure)

I was part of a group from my employer, Euromoney that planned to climb Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Haller, a charity improving access to water for poor communities in Kenya. Sam, my 10-year old son was very adventurous and keen to take part in the all-adult group of 17! Before signing up, we met with Phil to discuss the trek as there had only been a handful of 10-year olds that had ever climbed Kilimanjaro… As a mother and participant, it was important for me to ensure all the risks, issues and contingency plans were covered with regard to Sam’s safety. Phil went above and beyond his remit to ensure our group’s safety as well as ensuring Sam was mentally prepared and kept a strong positive mental attitude when Sam started to succumb to the effects of high altitude on the summit night. Throughout the duration Phil was Sam’s safety bubble to maximise his summit potential. I’m delighted to say Sam and I both made the summit and returned safely. I cannot recommend Phil highly enough especially to anyone who wants to plan something a bit different!

Sam Irving: age 10  (Kilimanjaro Adventure)

I met Phil Asher and was told about his Royal Marine past and some of the things he had achieved. I remember a conversation with Phil about some of my peers at school said I would never summit Kilimanjaro. Phil responded with “Well Sam we will prove them wrong won’t we”. From that point on our bond went from strength to strength. Phil checked in with me and as he satellited round the group ensuring that we were mentally and physically in the zone. At one point just below, Stellar point I was finding it tough due to the altitude. Phil came up beside me gave me encouragement: “The tops just up there Sam, you better beat me to the top or you will be going back down, dig deep Sam you can do this, never give up.” With renewed energy and Phil next to me I beat Phil and the rest of the group to Stellar point for a much deserved short rest and hot drink. The group, Phil and I then walked to summit together. On arriving Phil told me “I’m so Proud of you Sam, you’re a remarkable young man” It took a while to sink in that I am one of only a handful of 10-year olds to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro. I’m very happy that Phil was with me and believed that I could and did summit Kilimanjaro mountain.

“4 years later, I still look very fondly back on the trip. Phil really inspired me back then, with amazing tales of hardship and his grit and air of hardcore adventurer. To this day, I still think of the stories Phil told me around a table after we came back down from the mountain which really showed his strength and rigorous organisational skills, as well as being a great photographer.”


Louise Piper: Co- founder and CEO Haller Foundation (Kilimanjaro Adventure)

Phil has led two fund raising adventures to the summit of Kilimanjaro for Haller – one for a corporate team and the other for a mixed age, mixed  ability team.  Phil is very capable – his former Royal Marine experience means he has  a lot of experience in outdoor adventures, has excellent management and logistical skills and is the sort of person you would want leading your team if there were ever to be in difficulty. He inspires the necessary confidence, understands team dynamics and is a pleasure to be with on an adventure.