Safari Ngorongoro Crater

Going on Safari whilst in Tanzania is something not to be missed. By coming up close to the incredible wildlife in the national parks you not only create memories of a lifetime you also become an important part for the conservation and protection of many endangered species and their habitat, keeping them alive for generations to come. From the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, views of the famed Serengeti plains in the far distance. However, look down to the savanna the crater floor, and you will see tiny dots of herds of wildlife being stalked by stealthy predators lurking using all available cover to get close enough to pounce.

Ngorongoro Crater is a UNESCO World Heritage Conservation area, measuring 16km in diameter and 600m in height to the rim you are about to descend into the largest crater on this Earth. Descending by vehicle down into the crater floor to a vast variety of wildlife, including leopard, elephant, lion, warthog, buffalo, rhino, wildebeest, hippo, cheetah, and zebra not to mention all the different variety of birds. From the comfort of your safari vehicle you will be able to watch the wild animals roam across this magnificent crater.

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