Mount Kilimanjaro

As far as bucket list goals go- conquering the highest mountain in Africa is certainly near the top spot. The Machame route is suitable for all experience levels but especially recommended for people experiencing high altitude mountaineering for the first time. A minimum of six days on Mount Kilimanjaro is required, but we recommend seven days for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience and to increase your chance of success. The Machame route begins on the South-West side of the mountain and the trek starts by ascending through the magical cloud forest to Machame Camp.

The Machame route leads through five eco zones all with their unique wildlife and flora. From the cultivated area through the tropical forests, the Heath-and Moorlands towards the alpine desert and finally to the Glacier zones on the summit. Some of the most famous features on Kilimanjaro include Barranco Wall, the Lava Tower, the Western Breach and the Southern Ice fields. Let us take you on an epic adventure of a lifetime!

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