The Amazon Jungle

What individual hasn’t imagined an adventure to the Amazon jungle? Not only to admire the variety of towering trees whilst meandering under the cooler jungle canopy or paddling down the awesome amazon river in a dugout canoe. One can immerse oneself and enter the very lifeblood of the planet, the source of so much of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the weather we rely on. A very exceptional experience awaits the intrepid adventurer, awaits you!

The Amazon’s uniqueness provides experiences second to none, and abundance of fauna and flora requires up close and personal investigation as one treks through the jungle with our expert guides. Silently canoeing through a flooded jungle tributary never knowing what marvel you will see around the next river bend, black caiman lying on sand bars or the river’s edge or possibly pink dolphins breaking the water’s surface playing together.  Evenings sitting around the camp fire listening the jungle coming alive with a great variety of sounds from beetles to haunting cry of troops of howler monkeys as they forage for food.

Doze in a hammock at night under a shelter top or gaze up at the complete open sky and see the brightest of stars through the gaps in the jungle canopy. Travelling on a river whose size is legendary, it’s actually the little things that make it special. Give it some time, forget your expectations, and the Amazon cannot fail to impress. Expect the unexpected and you won’t be disappointed. To find out more please contact us here