Welcome to the land of Fire and Ice. Iceland is an underpopulated island marooning near the top of the globe and is, literally, a country in the making. It’s a vast volcanic laboratory where mighty forces shape the earth: geysers gush, mud pots gloop, ice-covered volcanoes rumble and glaciers cut great pathways through the mountains. Its supercharged splendour seems designed to remind visitors of how mighty Mother Nature truly is.

It’s the power of Icelandic nature to turn the prosaic into the extraordinary. A dip in a pool becomes a soak in a geothermal lagoon; a casual stroll can transform into a trek across a glittering glacier and a quiet night of camping may mean front-row seats to the aurora borealis’ curtains of light or the soft, pinkish hue of the midnight sun. Iceland has a transformative effect on every person that visits.

Adding to Iceland’s rustic cultural life and warmth of the Islanders are the very best of what Nature has to offer like the Golden Circle, epic waterfalls, volcanoes, the Blue Lagoon, glaciers, black sand beaches and ice caves.

If you fancy exploring and enjoying Iceland a bit more actively why not take a Husky Sledge trip, a day adventure on Skidoos or let our guides lead you onto a walk on a glacier to mention just a few. Your epic icelandic adventure awaits you!


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