Cold Weather Adventure

At 1222mtrs altitude on Northern Europe’s largest mountain plateau sits Finse in central Norway with its windswept, unspoiled, wild and beautiful wilderness. Here on Hardangervidda the annual average temperature is -2°C, but the temperature has been recorded as low as -39.6°C. Nestled between two national parks and with no public roads, Finse is an epic adventure playground. Let’s play!

Finse is a historical melting pot whose traces of human activity reach back 7000 years and has been an attractive location for polar explorers for over a century. It was used by Roald Amundsen to train for his South Pole Expedition to Antarctica 1910-12.  “Race to the South Pole”. When Sir Ernest Shackleton needed a place to test men and equipment before his planned crossing of Antarctica in 1914, he visited Finse and described it as “an ideal South Pole landscape ” – and with good reason!

This adventure takes you onto the sensational Hardangavidda plateau. Learn to Nordic ski, dog sled, build snow shelters and survive in this pristine mini arctic environment.

Today Finse it is visited by expeditions aiming to explore the wild environment before they venture further north or south making it a perfect playground for an Epic Adventure!

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