Cold Weather Survival

Venture to one of the most pristine wilderness places in the world, you can totally immerse yourself in this frozen environment. This  ultimate  adventure is far more than cold weather training; This is a very unique adventure surviving in a cold weather environment takes knowledge ad skil this it is an awe inspiring wilderness  a truly amazing environment to learn the art of cold weather survival.

During your stay, you will have the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of winter mobility, allowing you to experience this environment in the most immersive way. Erecting and sleeping in a variety of shelters designed to be used in a range of situations, from emergencies to expeditions, you will learn to live in a place that initially seems foreboding. Temperatures can drop as low as -40°C and sometimes lower, yet for those who hold the skills and knowledge, this is an environment to embrace. Learning these skills from one of the true masters of the north and with good food, great company and the comfort of knowing that there is safety and hospitality at the heart of the camp, you can push your boundaries and experience this magical environment in all its awe inspiring beauty.

We will travel through forest and over plane, crossing rivers and lakes on snow shoes and snow mobiles, learning how to move through deep snow and what to do when we encounter difficulties. We will fish through the ice, make bread on our stoves and in turn learn to call this vast forest ‘home’; just as its native inhabitants have done for generations.

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