Peruvian Amazon Jungle

The Peruvian Amazon Jungle is home to the largest tropical rainforest in the world and to many Indian cultures. The Jungle is home to an overwhelming variety of fauna and flora, home to around 1300 bird, over 400 mammal and nearly 4000 varied fish and reptile species as well as more than one million insect species. The jungle is inhabited by a diversity of Andean and Amazonian native communities that carve out a livelyhood along the banks of the rivers. The stunning beauty and diversity of the landscape is second to none and it has almost every sub-tropical geological formation of eastern Peru.

Experience life along the Amazon river and in the depths of the Amazon jungle, stay in a jungle lodge, hike into the jungle canopy and set up a jungle camp to sleep in Hammocks. Fish for piranha, cook over an open fire and tour the tributaries by boat accompanied by our expert guides to explore a fascinating jungle environment rarely seen by the average adventure traveler. This adventure will broaden your horizons on many levels and your understanding and appreciation of this extraordinary environment with all its inhabitants.

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